No Peace without Dignity

A documentary narration 93 minutes, 2012/2013
by Stefanie Landgraf and Johannes Gulde

Twelve young Germans take a trip to the Middle East that they only know through the media as being a region of wars, terrorist acts and refugees. Much to the amazement of the sixteen- to twenty-two-years-olds it is a journey to two types of realities. Israelis and Palestinians - two people, one history - told in a wholly different way from each side.

In 1948, for example, the State of Israel was established as a Jewish state - it is a dream come true for the Jews. For the Palestinians it is the year of catastrophe, the Nakba, the Palestinian exodus from their homeland.

Travelling through Israel and the occupied West Bank they meet people, who want to come to an understanding with the  "enemy". Daoud Nasser, for example, a Palestinian farmer, who makes a stand against the encroachments of Jewish set-tlers solely by legal means, the rapper Amim, who uses "art as a weapon", or the Orthodox Jew Yehouda Shaoul from the project "Breaking the Silence", who leads the young people through the restricted military area. He says: "Israel is not welcome in this region and we must be able to defend ourselves... but what gives us the right to take away the freedom of others"?

The group is accompanied by Lotty, an Israeli, whose parents are survivors of the Holocaust, and Ali, who spent years in prison as a "fighter against the occupants". The young people can talk with them about their often disquieting experiences. Also, they have learned that peace between Israelis and Palestinians is possible, because Lotty and Ali have understood the history of the other side - and have put an end to their enmity.

Also in on it: the hip hop artist ENZ, who renders his impressions during the trip in "rhythm and rhymes". 

"No Peace without Dignity" - Graffiti der
Gruppe an der Grenzmauer bei Beit Jala

Music and songs: ENZ NPL-83/Munich; Reuven Moskovitz, Jerusalem; Amim&Nizar, District Rhymes Unit/Jenin

Production: Terra Media Corp. in cooperation with Interfilm Academy


You can buy No peace without dignity as DVD (€ 17,00). Thus you will support facilities for traumatized and distressed Palestinian children under Israeli occupation, in refugee camps and in devastated Gaza.

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