30,000 refugees live in camp Bourj Al Barajne in Beirut
Yasmin and Enz meet young Palestinians in the camp
Boikutt and ENZ in concert
With Roni Hamermann of "Machsom Watch" at the checkpoint Nablus
Yasmin at a rehearsal of the FREEDOM THEATRE in Jenin

Which way to Palestine, please?

Offbeat-journey to the Middle East 

Documentary narration
100 minutes, 1981/2013
by Stefanie Landgraf and Johannes Gulde
with Yasmin and Hiphop artist ENZ

"Palestine - Israel, what is fake, what is real?" is what YASMIN und the Hip-hop artist ENZ ask themselves, as they witness how young Palestinians offer resistance not by militant actions but by non-violent means. Their slogan: "Art as a weapon". They demand their right of return from Israel by using drama and music, with dance performances and rapping they protest against occupation and settlement policy. "Our songs are universal", says ENZ, "they creates new paths of encounters in a spontaneous and fearless way."

Yasmin and ENZ experience an unusual journey through Lebanon and the Israeli-occupied West-Bank. With clips from old films in their laptop, which Yasmin’s father shot about the Palestinians living in refugee camps 30 years ago.
They find again the families that appeared in the documentary of 1981... show them the old film. What happened to them in the last 30 years? Why was the founding of the State of Israel in 1948 the "Naqbah", the "catastrophe" that turned them into a nation of refugees? And why do they still live in camps for more than 60 years, with no prospect of national self-determination, compensation or even return?

Yasmin and ENZ learn on their journey that Israel to this day denies Palestinians the right of return, which was granted to them by the United Nations. Wherever they go, it becomes very apparent to them that all the problems and violence in the region stem from the expulsion and occupation of the Palestinians. How then can peace arise under those circumstances? Is peace still achievable, if occupation ended, settlements stopped and international law are observed?

Rapsongs from I-Voice, Beirut;  Boikutt, Ramallah;  District Rhymes Unit, Jenin; ENZ, Munich; Young actors group of “The Freedom Theatre” Jenin, Title song Naila Trabelsi composed by Kambiz Giahi;

Produktion: Terra Media Corp.


Press commentaries:

"That these young people choose words over weapons gives hope. This is the documentary's unmistakeable message..."
Süddeutsche Zeitung

"In fact, public broadcaster ARD should show this during prime time... Organizations and associations, churches and unions should show this film over and over and over..."
Der Semit - independent Jewish magazine


You can buy Which way to Palestine, please? on DVD. Thus you will support facilities for traumatized and distressed Palestinian children under Israeli occupation, in refugee camps and in devastated Gaza.

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